Sample Tours

We've put together a couple of different tours as examples of what we have to offer.

Please have a look at the different tour packages that we've put together, and feel free to tell us what you do and don't want to do, so that we can personalize the tour to your specific needs.  No two tours need to be the same, it's all about you!

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

Take a trip from the iconic Cape Town, through the Great Karoo, ending up in Port Elizabeth, with wildlife and cultural activities in between.

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Fly Fish for indigenous Yellowfish

These slabs of gold are pound for pound the strongest fighting fish in South Africa.  Indigenous to the country, they may look a little like carp, by they are apex predators that will give you a run for your money!

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Family Getaway

Mix and match a bit of hiking, with a bit of wildlife and a bit of fishing, and you have the perfect relaxing holiday for a family.

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