• Alan & Annabelle Hobson, Guides at A&A Adventures in South Africa

What do we do?

We will help you to experience the undiscovered beauty that is the great Karoo, which many people will tell you, is best appreciated on your knees.

As this is a semi-dessert, the tiny little flowers and other plant life that you only really appreciate up close, prove how much life and food there is around.  You need to get close, and appreciate the beauty of nature, in this stark, sometimes harsh, environment.  Whether it is the National Parks that border the Karoo, or the ones that boast the spectacular scenery that is the Karoo, experiencing the Eastern Cape is just that, an experience.

The area is steeped in history, from dinosaurs to early settlers.  Who knows, you may even find that one of your forefathers is a character that is still spoken of in one of the small villages that dot the landscape.

Let us help you create your African Experience.  Choose to include wildlife, fly fishing, history or culture in your tour, and allow us to personalize the experience so that it suits your needs. It's all about you!

...and then there is the fly fishing

What could be better than combining your wildlife experience with a bit of fly fishing, or conventional fishing for that matter?  Think "Fly Fishing in the Yemen" with incredibly fertile waters cooled underground and popping up in pools scoured by hippos hundreds of years ago...where you could possibly pick up a 10 lb. trout...who knows...

The variety offered during a Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo experience will astound you.  From fishing under a 90m waterfall, to still waters surrounded by semi-desert, targeting trout, indigenous yellowfish, largemouth bass, and also the African sharptooth catfish, locally known as a barbel - not to be confused with the European version! From targeting small stream trout with a 3 weight rod, to monster catfish with a 9 weight rod, Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo offers something for everyone!  And don't worry if you would prefer to fish with other methods, we have that covered too!