How will we manage the crisis?

Posted on Mon April 20, 2020.

We have been mulling over the steps we need to take to try to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 for the past few weeks, and have come up with a basic plan for the furture.

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Karoo Family Getaway

Posted on Sat December 28, 2019 in Family Getaway.

Just a short getaway for a family, making up part of a larger trip around our beautiful country.

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Travelling from Abroad

Posted on Sun July 28, 2019.

So you've decided to visit Africa, what now?

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The Karoo

Posted on Wed August 8, 2018.

Of late the Karoo has been receiving quite a bit of favourable publicity, with city dwellers "semi-grating" to the smaller towns, instead of leaving this wonderful country behind.

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Visiting our favourite National Park

Posted on Mon April 23, 2018 in African Wildlife.

The Mountain Zebra National Park just outside Cradock, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, is our favourite National Park in South Africa. Let us show you why...

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