Thirsty Swallows

Posted on Mon May 29, 2023 in Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo.

Are the swallows just thirsty? Or is it something else?

Some time ago, we had a couple of visitors that specifically came to visit the area for a fly fishing experience.  With the stunning waters we have in the area, it's no surprise!  The trout waters are stocked annually as fingerlings and fry, and are left to fend for themselves.  The insect life in these waters is diverse, and whilst some have small insect hatches, some of the waters have huge dragonfly nymphs that will actually target said fry!

Anyway, these visitors were novice fishermen, with a lot to learn.  After fishing by themselves one day, we enquired as to how it went.  They didn't catch anything, and said that they didn't see a fish moving all day.  Were there no insect hatches, we asked.  Nope, none of that.  The only activity was around lunchtime, when the swallows came to the water to drink.  Really?  Yes, a whole bunch of swallows flew over the water, and had a drink.

Well gents, that was your clue.  And clues are what fly fishing is all about!  Next time you think the swallows are coming to the water to drink, have a closer look.  They're not drinking; well, not when there are a whole lot of swallows swooping over the water.  That there was an insect hatch, and you need to find out which insect, so that you can match the hatch for a successful fishing outing!  

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