• Elephants at Addo Elephant National Park, playing in the dust, with A&A Adventures in South Africa
  • Enjoying the view over Graaff-Reinet from the Valley of Desolation with A&A Adventures
  • Wild Fly fishing in the Karoo with Alan Hobson, A&A Adventures

One Day Experiences

Africa, conjuring up thoughts of incredible experiences of wildlife, history and culture.

This is where we come in.  Let us take you on an experience in the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa.  Based in the Karoo, we share this area of vast plains, scenic beauty, and abundant wildlife, from a local's perspective.  The Karoo provides a historical record of over 200 million years of evolution, you may be treading on fossils without realizing it!

Let Mother Nature seduce your soul.

Our hospitality and adventures connect the sights, sounds and smells of wild animals, history and fly fishing, making you feel like one of the locals.

Try one of our Wildlife Safaris, Fly Fishing Safaris, Cultural and Historical Safaris, or mix and match and make up your own!

We personalize our tours. 

Make memories with experiences that you will be sharing with friends, and stories to tell your grandchildren.

We've listed a number of African Experiences in the general vicinity of Somerset East for you to add to your trip. Whether you're in the area and have a day spare to enjoy some scenery or wildlife, or you'd like to build your own tour based on these day trips, it's all up to you!  Let us know where you land when coming to South Africa, and we can arrange a pick up and some sights along the way.

African Elephant Experience

Experience this majestic animal and all the other wildlife that Addo Elephant National Park has to offer.  Read more about the park in the trip details page.

Addo Elephant National Park

Valley of Desolation

Have you heard of the Valley of Desolation?  It is a special place, with rock formation created over millions of years, that make you feel on top of the world.  And just for fun, you can drive around the Camdeboo National Park, and see some wildlife too!

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Spectacular scenery & Plains Game

One of our favorite National Parks in the country, the Mountain Zebra National Park, will take your breath away with the beautiful scenery, plains game, cheetah and lion that you would be able to view.

Mountain Zebra National Park

Fly Fishing with an experienced guide

Experience Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo.  Think along the lines of "Fly Fishing in the Yemen", as this area is classed as semi-desert, but the waters are rich with insect life and the trout grow phenominally!

Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo

A Little bit of Art

One of South Africa's foremost abstract artists, and probably the best water color artists was born in Somerset East, and left a collection of his works to the town that he loved so much.  Come and experience Walter Battiss...invent yourself...

Walter Battiss Art Museum

Fossil Tour

Did you know that you can still see fossils, in the ground not just in a museum, that are millions of years old?  We take you on a journey to see what lies beneath our feet.  

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Just fishing - no guiding

Enjoy the day out fly fishing with Alan Hobson.  Note Alan will arrange access and will fish with you, and will not be guiding.

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Target indigenous yellowfish

There are various options available to you to target our indigenous yellowfish.  Whilst they may look like a carp, they are quite a bit more feisty, and apex predators in these waters.  

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Indigenous Forest Walk

Join us for a short hike in the beautiful indigenous forest on the Boschberg, with a spectacular waterfall your destination.

Indigenous Forest walk